Specific incidents, spanning from Chase Maryland in 1987 to recent derailments in North Dakota, Alabama, and Lac-Mégantic, Quebec involving Bakken crude oil have raised concern over rail safety.

NELS can actively evaluate risks associated with the transport of HazMat via rail on specific properties and routes by our Rail Environment & Asset Liability Management (REALM™) tool. REALM™ is a completely customizable model that provides analysis on a variety of factors. The model can be applied to either facilities or properties, as well as routes along the rail network – it produces a "risk profile" that identifies key areas of concern.

The risk assessment model is based upon NELS' proprietary RAILS™ platform that addresses the increased scope raised by insurers relative to the risks of TIH/PIH and CBR. The key differentiator on the NELS REALM™ model is to be able to identify risks to a high degree of granularity -- by geography, line segment, carrier, facility, commodity and conveying railcar.