RAILS™ -- Rail Asset Integrated Logistics System -- is a suite of diagnostic power tools that enables shippers, railcar owners and rail carriers to proactively manage rail service like never before.  

Complements Your Existing TMS

Most rail TMS software is designed to manage administrative transactions – not analyze and optimize service. RAILS is different. It doesn’t compete with your existing TMS it complements it.   

Put Optimization Analytics In Your Hands

You can access RAILS literally anywhere via a desktop, I-pad or other mobile device. RAILS™ includes a number of modules geared to analyzing and optimizing different aspects of rail operations.

Integrate and Enrich Your Data

The RAILS suite integrates conventional CLM data with GPS and AEI tracking data from your existing TMS with GPS and GIS visualization so users will literally see on a map, chart of graph where problems are occurring in real time.

Four Applications in One Cloud-based Platform

 As a subscriber you will have a custom cloud-based desktop that enables access to the following tools:

  • Lane Manager™ allows users to track both real-time and historical “O/D” --origin to destination -- performance showing status against “checkpoints”, next forecasted events and destination ETA and sends alerts when thresholds are exceeded.
  •  Route Manager™ provides the flexibility to analyze network service from any point to any point, showing day of the week specific transit, service patterns, reliability by corridor segment, pinpoint recurring “outliers” and document carrier and fleet performance characteristics.
  • Location Manager™ combines railroad operational physical characteristics with NELS geo-spatial data to assess environmental characteristics, risk management attributes and business development opportunities along any line segment.
  • Local Area Management™ now utilizes interactive GIS mapping to focus corrective action and accountability for improvement to the appropriate individuals responsible for specific geographic territories, divisions and sub-divisions.


Real Problems...Rail Solutions

Find out how RAILS™ and the NELS Team can help you optimize your operation. To order RAILS contact us at info@nelogsys.com or 617-418-3570