No other entity has more experience than NELS in the tracking and monitoring of hazardous materials shipments by rail.  NELS also leads the pack in its ability to independently assess the safety and security of hazardous materials rail routes relative to population exposure, environmental characteristics and carrier service performance.  NELS has a proven track record delivering the highest levels of data accuracy and service dependability. 



Since 1999, we have been engaged by rail carriers, governmental agencies, shippers, asset owners, systems integrators and larger management and engineering consultancies requiring our expertise on complex, time-sensitive engagements, particularly where extensive data analysis is required.

NELS founder and principal, Richard Flynn, has over 43 years of continuous experience in the railroad industry, particularly with respect to interline service management and related management information systems.





NELS is second to none in the areas of transportation planning, rail security, hazardous materials risk management, service analysis, asset utilization, geo-spatial analytics and development of custom rail-centric decision support systems for both operations and commercial applications.  


Strategic Alliances


Meet the NELS Team


  • RAILS™ - Cloud-based Rail Asset Integrated Logistics System
  • Lane Manager™ - Second to none in service diagnostics and optimization
  • Route Manager™ - Transit time, mileage, dwell, risk management -- any point to any point
  • Location Manager™ - Visualization tools compatible with Google Earth and ESRI
  • Local Area Management™ - Goal-based dashboards empowering all organizational levels -- particularly first line management