Meeting Today's Challenges for Rail Shippers, Carriers, Regulators and Stakeholders


Railroads can provide significant efficiencies and cost advantages for companies looking to optimize logistics and distribution.

NELS has the experience, know-how and technology to ensure that rail is seamlessly integrated into your supply chain.      

NELS founder and principal, Richard Flynn, has over four decades years of continuous experience in the railroad industry.

  Throughout his management career he has harnessed data through the design and  delivery of information systems systems for two Class I railroads, 3PL's, management consultancies, systems integrators, shippers and fleet owners.

For the past ten years, he has leveraged his know-how and expertise -- through a team of professionals, with one objective:

To be the best provider of customized technology and business process solutions to a select portfolio of customers. 





NELS is second to none in developing customized technology-backed solutions to integrate business processes between rail carriers and their customers. 

Today, the challenge is delivering the right information, to the right person at the right time -- accessible on any device. Companies want the freedom to choose the software that best meets their needs. 

NELS success has been in integrating our customers existing software systems to support the transactions required to effectively utilize freight rail transportation.

Our solutions are used daily by government agencies. fleet managers needing real-time visibility of transportation assets and senior management to monitor order fulfillment, revenue recognition and inventory levels. 

We do what you want done and we do it reliably and efficiently.


Our core back-end integrator RAILS™ provides a platform enabling us to integrate, transform and enhance your transportation data.

Within RAILS™ we maintain hundreds of transformation scripts enabling disparate systems to communicate with one another.

We translate data content to conform to industry standards and maintain an extensive proprietary database of the geospatial characteristics of the North American Rail Network.    

Our Lane Manager™ service diagnostic engine identifies specific opportunities to reduce rail shipment cycle time and integrates rail  with overall supply chain optimization and data visualization capabilities.  

Our Route Manager™ model provides predictive transit times, mileage, dwell and risk characteristics -- any point to any point, to assess optimum routing.