NELS GIS professionals are highly trained in applying GIS technology to railroad applications.  Our GIS Team is highly experienced with the ESRI platform as well as the publication of custom web services through our on-site ArcGIS Server.

Here are highlights of recent deliverables:

  • Custom, state railroad map for the Conneticut Department of Transportation
  • Updates to the NJTPA's geodatabase including the validation, updating and enhancements reflecting the current state of the rail infrastructure
  • Field surveys to collect gaps in GPS data and to assist in the correction of track geometry
  • Delivery of metadata reflecting changes to the NJTPA geodatabase
  • Custom data layers for a Class I rail carrier in support of emerging market planning
  • Development of a population density model for passenger line segments and lines carrying TIH commodities subject to Positive Train Control (PTC).
  • Development of environmental data layers for specific line segments carrying hazardous materials to assist in start up on new traffic flows, assess risk and appropriate remediation plans.
  • Development of a prototype collaborative GIS site for the six New England DOT's to share GIS data and data on regional transportation initiatives
  • Custom state rail map for the Massachusetts Railroad Association, integrated into the associations web site.
  • Development of a real-time GIS data validation and enrichment model that reads inbound GPS tracking data, validates the data through a series of geo-spatial joins and updates the RAILS™ platform and associated client data feeds.